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Cincinnati Videography


Nice to meet you!

We're Little Brown Dog Productions.

You can call us "LBD" for short. 

We're a visual story telling company based out of Cincinnati and Dallas with the belief that faith, family, community, and cameras can make a difference.

Everyone has a story.

There’s so much a story can offer. We love to watch the story unfold, hearing how the story goes, being inspired by the story, living the story, and most of all: capturing the story.

Have you ever looked at a picture and wondered what happened before or after a picture was taken?

There's a difference between capturing and...capturing.


We are lovers of both photography and videography but here's the real difference between the two:

videography is a unique expansion of a particular moment in time.


It's what inspired us from the start...capturing authentic and important moments.

Let us capture the important moments of your life, the ones that matter most, and then watch them over and over again and again. 


We consider ourselves not only videographers, but storytellers. We capture life as it happens, and we like to think we're pretty good at it. 

Whether you’re looking for a film of your wedding day, a video to remember a family vacation or help with a corporate video project...we’re by your side.


Maybe you're looking to take your business to a whole new level of engaging consumers. Maybe it's a creative content to enhance your product, or you want to see your mom's face when you surprise her with a trip to Aruba. We're there for you, professionally and personally from start to finish.

Every memory, every step of the way. That’s what Little Brown Dog Productions is all about.

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